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Andhra Pradesh whose capital city is Hyderabad is one of the major states with strong economies which have been an instrumental in shaping up national economy. After recent survey it has been found that this state is holding the third position in terms of having GDP. If one talks about industries supporting the state economy there are numerous kinds of industries available in the state. Among those, agricultural industry is one of the major ones. This state has developed many agricultural products and turned out to be an exporter. The main reason why agriculture is flourishing in the state is because of constant flow of water required for irrigation. Those rivers are Penna, Godavari, Tungabhadra and Krishna. The state is also famous for some of the major food crops such as tobacco, rice, mango, cotton, sugarcane, Chili pepper and many other local crops as well. It is not very long that sunflower and peanuts have all of sudden achieved much more favor and became very popular.
Besides, there are other numerous multi-irrigation projects on major rivers such as Godavari River Basin Irrigation as well as Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. The state also obtains huge economical development push from service sector which is accounted for 43% of entire state domestic product (GSDP) thus, employing 20% of entire working force of the state. Andhra Pradesh usually ranks on fifth position in terms of having industrial occupation in an entire country. Most of the people who are in search of numerous opportunities in Government sector would find Government job vacancies in some of the major leading corporations under central and state government undertakings. Some of those corporations are Tumalappalli Uranium mine, limestone reserves, coal reserves and many other reserves of petroleum and natural gas. When it comes to hydro-electricity generation, the State tops the list among all the states.

Tourism industry has also become a great pillar when it comes to pushing up of economical development in the state. There are many attractions for tourists visiting from different corners of the world. Some of the attractions that are of huge importance among tourists and became source of revenues for the state are Charminar, Belum Caves, Kuntala Waterfall, Borra Caves, etc. The state is also rich in many religious pilgrimage centers where hundreds of devotees from around the world throng there for worshiping. It is the reason the state is famously known as “Koh-I-Noor of India.” The state is also having some of the best world class educational institutions such as schools, Universities and colleges. One can easily specialize at any subject depending upon one’s choice.
Those who want to build their careers in public sector undertaking should opt for job vacancies offered by numerous corporations such as banking, finance, transports, railways, tele-communication and local and central public administration. Defense services are also preferred by some and can find numerous opportunities. In fact, this state can prove to be a happy hunting ground for most of the youngsters today who are looking for opportunities.