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Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most remotely situated states which are famously known as ‘The land of first dawn’. Itanagar is the capital city of the state; this wonderful state shares many borders with many of the states and countries as well. States in the country sharing borders with Arunachal Pradesh are Nagaland and Assam and international countries that share borders include Bhutan, Myanmar and People’s Republic of China (PRC). The literal meaning of the state is “land of the rising sun”. Besides, there are also many other names which are famously known as “Paradise of the Botanists” and “Orchid State of India”. In fact, Arunachal Pradesh is the only state that has the highest number of regional dialects and languages in India.
The economy of the state is considered to be one of the steady growing economies of the country. Major players contributing towards fast pace of economic development are agriculture, small scale industries, tourism and many other corporations under public sector undertaking. Agriculture mainly comprised of Jhumming which is a makeshift cultivation of various food crops through cutting of forests and cultivating and shifting to another forest as well. The state is fully covered with many forests and forest products are highly popular and turned out to be most significant for the growth of state and national economy. Major food crops cultivated include oilseeds, rice, maize, sugarcane, ginger, millet, wheat and pulses. Horticulture and fruit orchards are commonly found in the state and that have engaged numerous people who are having their livelihoods run through the business. In addition, various other industries are also available in the state such as fruit preservation units, rice mills, handloom handicrafts. However, sawmills as well as plywood trades are strongly prohibited in the state.
There is no denying in the fact that this state is the only state which has huge potential of hydro-electric power and supplies to many parts of the state and other states as well. The flourish of tourism industry has all of a sudden increased number of people getting engaged in this industry. There are certain unique and beautiful attractions of tourist interests available in the state. The state is favorable for adventurous, recreational and nature’s tourism. There are many hill stations such as Tawang and Bomdila followed by many other wildlife sanctuaries such as Namdapha etc. Besides, the cultures and histories inhibited in numerous museums of people are something to be explored.
This state also does not lack in quality education and there are numerous schools, colleges and Universities where hundreds of students are studying to shape up their careers or professional life. Talking about various Govt job opportunities in the state one would find there are many corporations under public sector that have been sustaining of lives of people of the state. Major players contributing for such jobs are banking, transports & communication, finance, local and central administration education etc.
All one can say is there is an immense scope in the state for everyone and it is the reason most of the people love to stay confined in the state.