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Jharkhand, the state that had been curved out of Bihar during 2000 has emerged out as one of the major states having industrial richness. The literal meaning of Jharkhand is ? The land of Forestsa?. Ranchi is the capital city of the state followed by many other different cities where numerous factories and industries of varied are found. In its geographical landmass of around 30,778 sq mi (79,710 km2), one can find different tribes or communities settled who are having their own businesses. This state like many other states has become a hub for those looking to have Government jobs. The state has major industrial cities such as Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh, Ramgarh as well as Bokaro. Looking ample of opportunities, the Indian government has been tremendously putting effort in pushing the economy of the state. There are many newer factories and industries that are being set up which are fetching livelihoods to thousands of people from around the country.

With fast pace of economic development, quick job creations both in private and public sector undertakings, these days most of the people are rushing into those cities. There are also many other job vacancies which are being created by banking, finance, transport and tourism as well as telecommunication. There are numerous banks in the state where hundreds of jobs are advertised to have vacancies. But for those jobs one has to give exams conducted by IBPS an autonomous body of banking recruitment institution that helps in bringing out right and best candidates for required jobs. Besides, such opportunities can be found in different corporations such as state tourism Development Corporation, hospitality sectors and educational institutions as well.

The state is carrying some of the hidden records that are yet to be known. It is the first state where the first and largest factory of fertiliser is located. Besides, it also houses first Iron and Steel factory situated wonderfully at Jamshedpur. Some significant industries that feature the greatness and glories of the state include largest steel plant in Asia which is Bokaro steel plant. The biggest explosive factory is also located at Gomia in Bokaro. There is another important landmark that in 1951 the first coal washery was established at Ghato by Tata Steel. Thereafter, the Methane gas at Parbatur followed in Bokaro. Amidst of these industrial developments, the state has not also suffered in educational dip as there are many outstanding students and sports personalities that have come out of the state. For primary to higher education the scope in the state is limitless and one can pursue any subject depending upon one interest and choices. Some of such elite group of educational institutions are IIM, Ranchi, National University of Study and Research in Law, Xavier School of Management (XLRI), in Jamshedpur as well as many other medical and engineering colleges.

Jobs and employments in the state are mainly created by those factories and industries. However, willingly one can prepare common exams for Civil Services such as IAS, IPS, IFS and many other elite services. Therefore, there are a lot of newer things to explore when it comes to building a career in any field in the state.